At MiB Healthcare, we understand the business of healthcare. We are committed  to delivering innovative and integrated revenue enhancement, expense reduction, and clinical transformation solutions that will give an enterprise a leading edge. Click here to explore  our range of services and expertise. 



Our team of senior strategists and young business professionals pairs out-of-the-box thinking with tried-and-true skills. 

Mark is the founder and innovation leader of MiB Healthcare Solutions. His passion for healthcare started with a clinical academic background after which he pursued a degree in healthcare management and public health. Mark is a leader and a PMO subject matter expert with strong transferable skills. Mark has held senior leadership positions within the healthcare sector, overseeing and executing clinical portfolios and leading change management and operational initiatives with a focus on enterprise-class, mission-critical strategic solutions, involving complex, multi-stakeholder relationships and across remote/multiple sites.

Mark's vision is to contribute and influence innovation in healthcare that will change the future of patient care. He believes that Digital Transformation of healthcare will soon reform the healthcare industry and put more power in the hands of the patient. 

At MiB Healthcare solution we believe in the digital transformation of healthcare through innovation. We believe AI, Big data analytics and Blockchain are the future technologies that would transform healthcare delivery and practice. MiB healthcare is on the cusp of innovative technology and we are excited to bring this change and share our expertise with our customers and partners. If you want to be a part of this transformation and learn more about it  please click here

FOUNDER AND Innovation leader



As a boutique healthcare consulting company committed to performance improvement, MiB Healthcare helps hospitals, clinics, long term care facilities  and health systems nationwide achieve their goals.  Our reputation of success and professionalism is a direct reflection of the quality of services and solutions that we represent to our customers and partners.


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Our portfolio includes:

Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs Development| Maternal and New Born Child Care Program – pediatric redesign| Medworxx Bed Management System Implementation| Accounts Receivable and Emergency/Patient Registration Performance Improvement| Strategic Plan, Laboratory – Core Lab Equipment |Nutrition and Food Services |Chronic Disease Management – Patient flow and space utilization project| Health records – Coding process improvement| Hospitalists Program Implementation |Learning Management System| Cerner Millennium® architecture and Cerner PowerChart® - Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in large community hospitals in Ontario| eHealth Ontario Client and Provider Registries (family physicians, patients)| eReferral (electronic way of sending referrals from community centers to hospitals and vice versa)| Eclipse (PM tool)| e- Medical Reconciliation| Critical Care| Ambulatory EMR Project| eTool Kit Initiative | Clinical documentation standardization and utilization of Apple technology by clinical staff| Streamlining of Policies and Procedures| Point of Care Mobile workflow|Pharmacy Provider Transitions|
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With years of experience, our team bring together knowledge of business processes with clinical, analytical, and transformational expertise. 

  • Enhance Strategy


  • Streamline operations

  • Improve processes

  • Increase revenues

  • Optimize resource utilizatioN

We help healthcare systems transform care delivery by unlocking  the unequivocal value of innovation and technology. 

Mark Vytvytskyy, MD, MSc, PMP