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MiB Healthcare supports “Beyond the Pill” model, by enhancing direct communication between pharmacy and healthcare providers. This direct interaction allows Pharma companies to have access to live data to improve drug selection and suit patient needs. The pharma business model is a new and emerging concept in the world of healthcare. It will allow pharmaceutical companies to partner with the healthcare industry to provide patterns for diagnostics, data analysis, and provision of private and public care. 

MiB Healthcare is a boutique digital transformation agency. Our company believes in excellence and we thrive to bring innovation and excellence to the world of healthcare. 

 1. Transformation Management Services support the full project life cycle from concept to close out, including face to face interaction and virtual management.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Healthcare systems implementation strategy 
  • E-Health adoption
  • Financial, procurement, LMS and other business systems implementation
  • Strategic planning and change management
  • Process improvement
  • Policies and procedures development

2. Individual and Group Management Coaching and Consulting (LEAN Methodology and Design Thinking)

3. Development of the Digital Transformation and Innovation Hubs with clear methodology, governance structure, toolkits, staffing models and project execution support.

As a healthcare consultant agency that thrives to work with new innovation, we believe Blockchain technology is the future of healthcare information sharing. The benefits of blockchain include a reduction in manual paperwork and underlying cost by providing transparent and immutable personalized healthcare records that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.  It will become the most innovative healthcare technology by creating a peer-peer network for sharing information and value. Our hope is to introduce blockchain to Canadian healthcare and make sharing patient information safe and easy.

Transformation Management 

Innovation MANAGEMENT 

Robotics Technology and artificial AI are already transforming the healthcare industry. Robotics augmented reality, smart glasses, 3D printing and AI are part of surgical operations and enable minimally invasive surgery such as Telesurgery. The number of industrial robots in use worldwide is expected to increase to 2.6 million units by 2019. Our goal is to facilitate this transition of Robotics technology and AI into the healthcare industry through immaculate implementation.